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  • This cost effective system is used by corporations to create their own communications and marketing media display networks.
  • This privately controlled network can be used individually or combined as an information display network;
  • Allows you corporate client to team up with their partners/suppliers;
  • Present quality digital video and images to their staff and clients, in "real-time".

   How it works


Features & Benefits – DMS//corp - JITA

Secure Access Secure Multiple Remote User Access allows Multi-Level Access to upload content materials from any number of pre-authorized contributing sources (staff/partners/etc.).
Corporate client is able to create and maintain, their system user access codes, controlling access and usage to various levels of system functionality, for their staff and Strategic Access Partners.
Web Enabled No application software needed, the system is fully Web Enabled, allowing content materials to be uploaded from any internet enabled computer.
Secure Control Secure Multiple Remote Control and Approval. Corporations have the capability of allowing only pre-authorised staff/partners multi-level access on their network/system.
Flexible Playlists
Flexible, auto Playlist scheduling and management, with per ad scheduling capabilities, allow for delivery of content materials to be automatically activated on a specific date or time of day.
Content Grouping, allows for the construction of unique content groups or campaigns to be uploaded to the display to be plated together or in sequence.
Entire Playlists can be constructed before being assigned to a display or display group to be automatically played on a specific day at a specific time.
Audit Reports Audit reports are available for proof of play.
Central Content Library Keep all your system ready multimedia stored online, for easy management. This is especially useful when multiple staff/partners are working from multiple locations/offices.
Display Grouping Displays can be combined into any number of unique custom groups. The corporation can initiate immediate bulk delivery of unique content, media, campaign or messages to any screen, number of selected screens, group of screens, located potentially anywhere in the world.
Targeting demographics especially with time sensitive material, effects greater reach more cost effectively, creates impact with consumers, influences them with call to action at Point-of-Purchase while keeping them entertained.
Consumers are impacted, captivate and influenced, to Act at Point-of-Purchase by targeted delivery.
Digital Delivery Delivers to almost any digital screen
“Real-time”, multiple content Updates, creates Real Impact, with Just-in-Time product and marketing strategies, while Time Sensitive Information and marketing with rich image multimedia capability, keeps the customer informed, creates Visual Impact, turns up the motion, turns up the sales and creates a Contemporary Corporate Image by reducing poster clutter.
Consumer impact can be created with Product Marketing, In-Store Promotional Initiatives, Information Announcements, Corporate Advertising & Image Campaigns, Community Service announcements and Programs.
Enhanced Efficiency Enhanced Efficiency is created by way of Universal Control of Communications, Consolidation of Personnel and Quality Control Assurance, and utilization of Pre-Produced content Material.
Cost Effective
Content can be changed as many times as you wish, run time sensitive campaigns, test campaigns for best results, all increase the productivity of your advertising.
The system can be used for Corporate Affiliate Opportunities, Supplier Based Programs or even used to Product bartering.
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