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  • The DMS//net system allows you to create your own "Just In Time Advertising"" networks anywhere in the world;
  • Sell the space on your network of screens;
  • Your advertising clients have complete control and protected access to their purchased space on your screens, allowing them to changes their content or scheduling in "real-time".

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Features & Benefits – DMS//net - Adnet

Secure Access Secure Multiple Remote User Access allows Multi-Level Access to upload content materials from any number of pre-authorized contributing sources (staff/partners/etc.).
Web Enabled No application software needed, the system is fully Web Enabled, allowing content materials to be uploaded from any internet enabled computer.
Secure Control Secure Multiple Remote Control and Approval. All your users have the capability to allow pre-authorised staff/partners multi-level user access to their space.
Flexible Scheduling Flexible, auto campaign scheduling and management, with per ad scheduling capabilities, allowing for delivery of content materials to be automatically activated on a specific date or time of day.
Content Grouping, allows for the construction of unique content or campaigns to be uploaded to the display to be viewed together or in sequence.
Audit Reports Audit reports are available for proof of play.
Central Content Library Keep all your system ready multimedia stored online, for easy management. This is especially useful when multiple users are working from multiple locations/offices.
Display Grouping Display Grouping allows for the combining of display screens into any number of customized groups. The user can initiate immediate bulk delivery of unique content, media, campaign or messages to any screen, number of selected screens, group of screens, located potentially anywhere in the world.
Targeting Targeting demographics especially with time sensitive material, effects greater reach more cost effectively, creates impact with consumers, influences them with call to action at Point-of-Purchase while keeping them entertained.
Digital Delivery Delivers to almost any digital screen
Relevancy “Real-time”, multiple content Updates, creates Real Impact, with Just-in-Time Sales and marketing strategies, while Time Sensitive Information and marketing with rich image multimedia capability, creates Visual Impact and reduces poster clutter.
Enhanced Efficiency Enhanced Efficiency is created by way of Universal Control of Communications, Consolidation of Personnel and Quality Control Assurance, and utilization of Pre-Produced content Material.
Cost Effective Content can be changed as many times as you wish, run time sensitive campaigns, test campaigns for best results, all increase the productivity of your advertising.
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